Sunday, April 8, 2012

Who I am......Part 1

From the time of our birth to our passing in life, we go through many life changes. Each new milestone adds to our individualism .

I am learning more and more as the days pass to stop and TAKING THE TIME ("to smell the roses") to all that is provided for us in our friendships, our spouse, families, and nature.

I have been retired for 16 years now. I worked with preschool children. A very challenging but rewarding profession.

My family consist of my wonderful husband of 46 years. We have shared Love, Trust, Respect and Compassion for each other through all these years. And we continue to do so preserving what we have made work for us all these years.

I have two lovely  daughters and three beautiful granddaughters.  Many cherished friends, some from childhood .

My life has not always been an easy road. I  have had many major health issues, The loss of an infant son and the taking care of family members.  But each challenge has me a stronger, more compassionate person and one that is taking each day to enjoy life. Just the simplest things make me smile.

Enjoy the day and seek out what is offered to you.


  1. Mom,

    So wonderful to see you "taking the time" for yourself and entering this wonderful world of blogging! You will meet so many incredible people and form lasting friendships to last a lifetime :-) Enjoy!!


    1. Jill, thank you for setting me up on blogging. Hope I can figure out to stay on here. Another thing for me to learn on my retirement "To do List."

  2. Hi Eileen
    So nice to meet you. I just love the beginning of your blog. So glad that Jill got you introduced to blogland. I have enjoyed my visit and now a new follower too. Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment plus new following at my blog. Jill is a doll and I always enjoy her posts and sweet family. Blessings to you and have lots of fun with your blog. You are off to a great start.
    Happy Easter.
    Celestina Marie

  3. What a perfect post to begin your blogging journal.
    Welcome to the blogesphere!
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. Don't tell anyone that I was here. I'm trying to take a blogging break. m.

    1. Thank you Mark.
      Hopefully I can get the hang of this.
      Jill has taught me well, just have to absorb it!!
      Taking the time....Eileen

  4. Dear Eileen

    First, let me introduce myself to you (n to Jill too). I am from Singapore. I had been following Jill's blog many many years ago. I had a blog too, which I would very much like to invite you to it but I had not been managing it for a long time ever since I changed my passion from blogging to reading blogs. LOL

    I really enjoy reading both your blogs, seeing Hayley and Kathleen growing. Initially, I follow blogs about home schooling. I too have 2 lovely children, now 8yo and 6yo, so I read up about home schooling and practice it myself. I really enjoy reading those articles about your two adorable grandchildren. Unconsciously, I have built a bond with the family. And that's the marvellous thing about blogging, connecting with people around the world.

    I like best is the pictures that you posted, especially those beautiful sceneary (which is very different from here) and the festivals that you celebrate.

    I had just finished all the posts in your blog. They are fantastic and allowed me to know your family from another perspective. You even made an effort to remind us to 'take the time...'.

    Eileen, my heartfelt thanks to you and Jill for blogging. So please continue and enjoy snapping that camera shutter.


  5. Hello Irene,
    I just replied to your sweet note. I hope I hit the right button to get it to you. If you did not get it, please let me know and I will try to resend it.


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