Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"The Healing Powers of Hot Tea.......


Good Morning Blogger Friends,

I thought I would ~Take the Time~ this morning to share an article that I found  in our neighborhood flyer.  In fact I was enjoying my first cup of hot tea when I came across this information.
Being an avid tea drinker I was happy to see that my favorite drink has some health benefits.

        "  Tea is an ancient beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries thanks to its healing benefits. Here are just some of the many ways sipping hot tea can be beneficial to you.

           * Decreased risk of heart disease. Drinking more than two cups of tea a day decreased the risk of death from a  heart attack by 44 percent. Even if  you aren't having several cups a day, tea can provide marked improvement in cardiovascular health and reduction of fatal heart attacks.

            *Reduction in blood pressure:  Drinking merely a half-cup of green or oblong tea may reduce blood pressure by up to 50 percent. It could also have benefits in stroke reduction as well.

             * Antiseptic properties:  People who rinse their mouth with tea or drink it frequently may benefit from a reduction in cavities or periodontal diseases.  The bioflavonoids in tea have antiseptic and astringent properties.  A tea gargle can help prevent bad breath and kill germs in the mouth that contribute to poor oral health.  Because many viruses, such as the flu and cold, are airborne, drinking or gargling with tea may also help fight cold and flu.


               * Lowers cancer risk:  The polyphenols in tea may be responsible for inhibiting factors that promote cancer growth in the body, according to some studies.  In addition, the antioxidants in tea can help improve overall health. Green tea was shown to inhibit bladder cancer cell growth  in the laboratory.  Some doctors surmise that drinking tea can fend off certain gastrointestinal cancers.

                  * Neurological benefits:   Some research suggest that tea is valuable in the fight against neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease and dementia.  

 What many people like about drinking tea is that there are not apparent side effects.  Even if tea doesn't produce all the benefits it promises, there is still the comfort in knowing the beverage is not harmful, either.   In addition to its antioxidant properties, tea is a soothing drink that can calm a sore throat, hydrate the body, relieve symptoms of upper respiratory infections, and  warm a person up when there is a nip in the air.  Add a little honey~~~which has its own nutritive value~~and you may have a potent remedy in a cup.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this little tidbit on tea.  I also am sharing some of my teacups and pots that I have collected throughout the years.  Two of them, I have had since we were married 46 years ago. I had gotten them as wedding gifts.

My daughters enjoy having Tea Parties with their daughters. If you have visited my daughter Jill's blog...Blessings of a Stay at Home Mom.... you will see some of her creative tea parties , she has had  with her daughters. A special time for all of them.  They even have learned at an early age, the proper way to drink out of a tea cup is to  hold up their little pinkie finger.  :-)

Enjoy the day.... and if you like tea  ~Take the Time~ to have a cup. Or as the weather is getting warmer, maybe a glass of iced tea. Yum...




  1. Couldn't you just see me holding one of these fancy cups! No? Me neither!
    Although I like tea, I've never been a real tea drinker. When growing up, I used to drink lots of tea. But I drank it with toast and tons and tons of butter. Probably not the healthiest choice. But it was the 70s. No one gained weight back then, right?
    Your Friend, m.

    1. Lol Mark,
      As a matter of fact, I love a mug instead of the fancy tea cups. That is why they are all in my China closet. I only bring them out on a very rare special occasion.
      And yes, the toast or thick slices of the good bread with tons of butter and maybe a dip or two in the tea. MMMMmmmm... brings back memories.
      My tea cups and pots are all gifts from family and friends throughout the years. So they have special memories of the people that have given them to me.
      Tea is still my favorite drink, and now after all these years I am getting into drinking coffee, especially now that Starbucks makes it so accessible. :-)

  2. Lovin all of your tea collections. There are a few blogs that have tea themed link ups, I will have to show you how to do this. Enjoy the day and your cup of tea ;-)

    Love, Jill

    1. Thanks Jill, I will be armed with all kinds of things for you to show me the next time we get together.
      Looking forward to our cup of tea together on our next visit.

      love mom

  3. Hi Eileen,
    Thank you for sharing such an informative post about the benefits of tea. I love it and drink it all day long starting with hot tea in the morning and iced tea all day. I knew it had many benefits, but you point out even more I did not know. Loved seeing your pretty tea sets. You might like to join in on Tea Time Tuesday which is hosted by several bloggers. I usually link up when I have time for a post, with Sandi from Rose Chintz Cottage. She is a doll and you will really like her and the lovely posts she shares. We would love to have you join in. Jill Can show you how to do those links. It is really easy and lots of fun to meet others who share similar inspirations.

    Loved catching up on your past posts too. You have been busy and I believe you have already mastered the art of great blogging my friend. Blessings to you for a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie


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