Tuesday, April 17, 2012

~Taking the Time~to find some changes....

Today, I thought I would ~ take the time~ to wander around the yard to see what changes transpired during the winter months, and how it is getting ready for more Spring weather.

Yesterday was so hot here, near 90 degrees, which is unheard of. Today it is a bit cooler and in the high 70's.  We are thinking that the extreme weather changes are making  things  happen sooner than normal .

    We found this beautiful moss growing on the roof of the gazebo. It is only on one side of the roof. But it is so pretty  and the flowers from the Red Bud tree that have fallen on it adding to it.  

We have a Red Bud Tree that had to have it's branches sawed off. And lo and behold, there are flowers coming out of the trunk.!  It's like it is not giving up and saying " hey I can still produce beautiful flowers, don't need no branches".  lol
       This is all that is left of one tree that was storm damaged, can you see the flower ?

     The Azalea bush, is pretty much on  schedule with it's growth. And adding the right spot of color to that one side of the house.
And "What to my Wandering Eyes did appear.... but Fungus on the tree trunk. But I like to think they are stairs for the Fairies and Elves to climb up to the top of the tree to their Fairy home.
     Maybe they are their  high rise condos.  Awww, nothing like imagination. :-)       

We found our Bull Frog or is it a Toad? Looks like he has found a mate. You should hear him at night. Scared the heck out of us the first time we heard him Croak!!! What a loud noise he can make. They were in the pond, just enjoying the warm weather and each other.

Mr. Dove was patiently waiting for his own true love to come.  I think he may have found her at the bird feeder.

Hope you are having a good week. Please ~Take the Time~ and see what is different  out there during the changing of the Seasons.



  1. I just think azaleas are such a pretty flower..

    Oh, and yes, I thought that fungus looked like a faierie staircase, too :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)

    1. Thank you Heather,
      Thank you for stopping by. We can say it is imagination but in truth it can be reality. :-)
      Have a wonderful week Heather.


  2. Hello Eileen, what a beautiful yard you have! I'll look forward to stopping by and seeing what's going on in your neck of the woods! Lovely!


    1. Thank you Tara and thank you for stopping by.
      Would you believe there were only 3 trees on the property when we moved up here 31 years ago. NOw there are over a thousand.
      Have a good week.


  3. Beautiful pictures and I absolutely think those are fairy stairs too!
    ;-) Have a great day!

    love, Jill

    1. Hopefully they will still be there when the girls come to visit again. I know they will use their imaginations for what they think they are. :-)

      Love, mom


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