Saturday, April 14, 2012

~Taking Time for Friendship~

Yesterday a dear friend of 44 years called me.  We took the time ( 2 hours in fact) talking and catching up with each other.

I met Janet in a hospital of all places.

Let me go back in time..... Forty four years ago I was pregnant with my first child. I was put into my birthing room at the hospital.  Apparently Janet was in the one next to me.  Neither of us  knew each other. We arrived at the hospital around midnight that night and were put into our  own rooms around the same time.

Through out our labor the nurses were back and forth between our rooms giving updates on each other's progress.  All the while each one of us was wondering what does this other soon-to-be mother look like. And what will her baby be. Forty Four years ago we did not know until the baby was born what sex the baby would be.  I think in reality they were betting on who would deliver first. :-)

Our husbands had met each other in the waiting room and kept each other company.  Both also wondering when their first child would arrive and what they would be. It was a long 25+ hours  for all four of us.

It turned out that I delivered our daughter Kimberly, one half hour before Janet delivered her son David. They put us in the same room after our children were born. So the birth of our children and our friendship started.

We developed a wonderful friendship that has lasted Forty Four years.  As the children grew we visited back and forth and kept in touch weekly. Keeping an update as most new mothers do on how our little ones were becoming their own little person.

Janet had a second son a few years later.  She developed Type I diabetes after his birth. She started her struggle with this disease.

I had a son 5 years after Kimberly. We lost him when he was 5 weeks old due to a major heart defect. A little over a year later, our daughter Jill was born.

Throughout all these years, Janet and I kept in touch. Supporting each other through our tragedies, our health issues, family situations and our children growing up.

We spent many great times together , a few vacations, and many happy and memorial moments and events.

Our children are now grown with children of their own. And we are enjoying talking about our granddaughters. She has 4 and we have 3.

It has been a wonderful Forty four years of friendship.  We don't talk or see each other as often as we did years ago.  We both had moved to different areas. But we still take the time to call each other and visit.  Just to say " Hi, how are you doing."  How is life going for you."
  We both have health issues and going through the aging process. And talking and supporting each other is very helpful. Knowing you are not the only one going through this.
But we know that even after Forty four years we can sit down and call each other and still have the same support, concern and love for each other.

Janet lives on the water now and we live in the country. But the distance is short when it comes to friendship.

~Take the Time~ and take a day to call or visit one of your special long time friends.
It  will make your and their day!! :-)
                                                       Have A Wonderful Weekend!


  1. I love this...distance is short when it comes to friendship. That couldn't be any more truer!

  2. Yes Simone, if we all went on the actual mileage that our friends live, some would probably say it is to far to keep in touch.
    How much they would be missing if they thought along these lines.


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