Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month

For about 13 years now a group of wonderful ladies have gotten together twice a month.  All are neighbor friends that live in our neighborhood.  One of the ladies, Jane is her name, started it to get the ladies together, some whom had become widows, as a social gathering and a support group.

We brought our hand sewing projects and  the hostess for that week made the coffee and we would take turns bringing a dessert and a fruit. We meet from 9am to 11am. Many times it runs over as no one is in any hurry to get home. We enjoy each other's company so much.

We started out with about 6 and than went up to 10 of us. As the years went on  a few have left due to moving.  Our ages run from the 60's to 86. I have been hosting this gathering for the last 10  years at my home.

We have enjoyed each other's company and have learned so much from each other. There are 7 of us now.  One lady has taken ill and is in an assistant home . It has left an empty spot at my table, but we all go to visit her as much as possible.

I took this picture this morning as we startaed our time together.  Jane in the blue at the end of the table is 84,  to the left of her is LaWanda, she is 86, Bonnie is 65,  Pat in the flowered shirt is 76, and Helen is going to be 80 this year.

Aren't they just a great looking group of ladies!  We have all become like family and we support each other through all that life deals us.  We  have the best time together.

Now our times together are mostly eating and talking. lol   But today a few brought some projects. Bonnie had brought some yarn that had gotten knotted from her quilting projects. So LaWanda and I decided to help her untangle the mess.  Boy, what a job!!  I had given her an idea that I use when I sew with the yarn. I take heavy cardboard pieces, putting a slit at each end and wrap it to keep it from knotting.  We did this and it worked once we got the knots out.  :-)

Whenever a holiday is near the date that we meet, I will decorate the table with a theme. Being Easter I did an Easter theme . I usually add a little favor to go with it.

My wonderful husband helps me get things together for that morning. If there is a chill in the air, he will put a fire in the fireplace for us. They love coming into the room and smelling the coffee perking and the fire burning in the fireplace.  And the welcome feeling it gives them.

This has become a special time in my life in meeting these wonderful ladies, that have shared so much of their lives, their thoughts,and most of all their love. They have all been hard workers in their youth. Many doing farming, one had a bakery with her husband.  They have been an inspiration to me. And I just love them.  And we all are ~ TAKING THE TIME  ~to enjoy all that we can as we grow older.  Friends are so important in life.

Hope you enjoyed our little group.
Have a wonderful day, and enjoy your special friendships and carry them through your lifetime.



  1. You always have had the nicest get togethers. All these years of me growing up it is your home my friends have always and still do flock to! Very warm and inviting. :-)

    Love, Jill

  2. Thank you Jill. You have always done every gathering and dinners with your friends in a special way. Putting so much into them.
    I think we enjoy thinking of our guest and how they would like to be treated.
    And your little ones are doing the same thing with their love of making things to share with others.

    love mom

  3. Your group reminds me of my grandma and her friends years ago. They would play cards and marbles {Aggravation}, go to bingo and church events together. It is so nice of you to open your home up to these ladies and give them something to look forward to.

    1. Thank you, sometimes the simple things in life are the most rewarding. And friendship makes up a big part of it. Having wonderful friends to share life with. :-)


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