Thursday, April 26, 2012

~Taking the Time~ for some memories...

Today was a dreary day and we had to run into town to do a few things. We decided to stop at Roy Roger's and grab some lunch.  There is a Community Pond just a stone's throw from there.  So we decided to ~Take the Time~ to pull in there and eat our lunch.  Now many years ago, when I taught Pre-school children, we would take a bus load and bring them to this pond.  The teachers and about 40 little ones.  We never went empty handed....we had bags of day old bread to take with us.

Sitting there today brought back many wonderful moments of that time in my life.  Thinking now that these little ones are in their 20's. Wow!

The  pond now is home to many different types of  birds. Many more than years ago. I remember there was this tiny little boy in our class. This one goose would go after him whenever we went. He liked to peck at him. Never failed, same duck, same child. We would have to chase that pesty duck from this little guy all the time. Thinking now, it might have been love pecks...because the little guy was not much taller than the goose.

This beauty was a cross mix of a Mallard and maybe a domestic duck.  He came up close to our van and was very verbal. There were a few swans among the flock of ducks. Made for a very pretty picture. Except when I went to take their pictures, they always went bottom up. lol

We finished up our lunch and decided to take a long way back home using the back roads. As we started the motor our friend decided to go back and join the others.

Even though it was a dreary, foggy day, it still was a nice ride through the farmlands. The fields are being prepared and some planted .  Hopefully the weather will be just  right for the planting and growing this year.
An old empty school house sitting in an open field.  Now surrounded by  new housing developments. How sad for the days gone by. Wonder how many children went to this school and are they still around now to talk about it.  Wonder if any of my little ones, will remember the things they did when they were in pre-school. Wonder if the little guy will remember that pesty goose.

My goodness, as we turned around one corner, we were met by the assembling of a carnival already!   This was a big one on a Walmart parking lot.  Wonder if anyone has told Mother Nature
that it is the season and we are waiting for the right type of weather to celebrate.  There will be many cold and wet riders if the weather stays as nasty as they say it will be this weekend.  :-(

After our trip to town, and our back road drive, we headed home. And you can tell we were on the right track.. We always seem to be behind a farmer and  his tractor this time of the year. Just have to love them.!!!   :-)

Have a wonderful day. Maybe take a few minutes and ~Take the Time~ to remember something of your childhood during your school days.


  1. Had to laugh at the tractor...never fails to find one on country back roads. :-)

    love, Jill

    1. It is a sight for sure. Not too good for those that have to travel behind him for a long stretch on the road.
      Sometimes the line can go for ever. And you know people's patience now days. Next to none.
      Have a good night my dear, don't you miss the country life.??
      love mom

  2. When my oldest was a little boy we would visit ducks in a stream behind McDonalds. We took old bread & cereal to feed them. Got his happy meal & he shared his FF to. He is now growen up & brings his girls to vist me Grandma & my duks here at the homestead. That old schoolhouse could be a pretty home. I like old buildings. Wonderful you all got out to enjoy this adventure. Blessings!

    1. I hate to see old buildings left to the elements and no one to take care of them. We do not have anything in comparison today to what was built way back when
      I would love to have a pond or stream on our property.We do have some ponds that we have that are man made.Any form of water has always been a fascination for me. My dream location would be overlooking a large lake.:-)


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