Saturday, April 28, 2012

~Taking the Time~ to go back over past vacations.

                                                       A cup of coffee and a book to read, overlooking
                                                                 Lake George, New York....   June 2005

Good Morning everyone,
I decided to take the time and go through some of our old trips that we have taken and revisit some of them with pictures that are stuck in my computer picture file..  It pays to visit them sometimes. :-)

In June of 2005, we decided to take a long trip to New York and visit Lake George. We always like to go where there is some type of body of water and mountains. This was the perfect place to go.

                We found a wonderful motel right on the lake, we had a small apartment and it was such a beautiful spot.

A LITTLE HISTORY OF THE LAKE......Lake George is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world and is known as the Queen of American Lakes.  The lake is 32 miles long and is fed by mammoth underground springs, it includes 109 miles of shoreline, about 300 islands, and covers an  approximation of 44 square miles.  The lake varies in dept from one foot to 195 feet and width from one to three miles.

The Lake George and Adirondack area had a prominent role in famous French and Indian Wars as well as the American Revolution.

"Thomas Jefferson said..........."Lake George is without comparison the most beautiful water I ever saw; formed by a contour of mountains into a basin 35 miles long and from two to four miles broad, finely interspersed with island, its water limped as crystal and the mountainsides covered with rich groves of  Silver Fir, White Pine, Aspen and Paper birch down to the water,here and there precipices of rock to checker the scene and save it from monotony an abundance of speckled Trout, Salmon Trout, Bass and other fish which it is stored, have added to our other amusements the sport of taking them."

The moon rising over the boat house next to our motel.  What a beautiful sight. The next picture is what we saw in the daylight. So quiet and serene.

An overlook on a ride around the lake. Large homes along the shoreline. It was a place for the rich to visit and have homes.  Some of the homes are very large and beautiful. But there are only certain places where they are located, so it does not take away from the scenery.

One of the piers where you can go swimming, take a cruise ride around the lake, or just sit and enjoy the scenery. Many people visit here every year. We found it to be a little slow when we went, especially that some of the restaurants did not open until supper time. Depending on when you go. A lot  depends on when the schools are closed for the season.  This may have changed since it has been seven years since we visited.

One of the cruise ships in the distance.  We had taken a ride on one. There was a storm as we were half way out on the lake. A little rocky ride, but thank goodness it cleared up. They went into a cove and we sat there for a bit. They take you around the shore line and you can see the beautiful homes, and the beautiful natural settings. So pretty and what an experience. If you want you can take a dinner or lunch cruise. We did not get a chance to do that. but it would have been nice to do.

Like a lot of our trips, we have rain. We think we draw it to where ever we go.   And this trip was no different. Lol  but the dark clouds over the lake and the mountains provided a beauty of its own. When my husband was working, it would be a standing joke with his co-workers. NO ONE would take a vacation around the same time he did, because they knew there would be rain.

Hope you enjoyed this visit with me. If you would like to find out more about the area you can put it in Search on the computer.

Have a good weekend.  And  ~Take the Time ~ to enjoy life. No matter where you are.!



  1. Hi Eileen,
    What beautiful pics of your trip on Lake George. Love reading and learning the history too.
    I can see it would make the perfect spot for a relaxing vacation. So serene and calming. Oh this is just what I need. LOL
    Thank you for sharing your travels and history lesson.

    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie
    p.s. thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.

  2. Beautiful! I bet you would love to go back :-) have a good day!

    Love, jill


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