Monday, April 23, 2012

~What A Wonderful Weekend~

This past weekend, my husband and I spent the time with our youngest daughter Jill and her family. Our Youngest Granddaughter was having her Kindergarten Ball on Friday night.  So we thought this would be a good time to take our oldest granddaughter out for the evening and spend it with her.  She had her choice of where she would like to go for supper.  Her choice was "Outback Steak House". That was fine with us.  So off we went, while Jill, Jerry and Kathleen headed off to the magical night of the Kindergarten Ball.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were fortunate to get a seat right away. As many of you know these restaurants are packed on Friday nights. We called and they said they do not take reservations but they would make sure we did not wait for more than 20 minutes  by calling in ahead of time. And we did not have to wait at all!!

So we sat down to order, I ordered a steak and shrimp meal, my  husband got a huge hamburger and guess what our "Dear Hayley" ordered at a Steak House.  Macaroni and Cheese, and a tossed salad along with stringbeans!!  :-)  Almost put me to shame with my steak and shrimp dinner.  But she said she loves their Mac and Cheese.   More power to her, and not eating any meat.  We decided to get dessert there instead of making another trip to "Rita's" for ice cream. Blaine got a slice of carrot cake and Hayley got some kind of Brownie with ice cream on it. I was quite full from my meal, therefore did not get dessert, but that isn't to say that I didn't sample a spoonful or two of their desserts.  I think Hayley's eyes were bigger than her stomach as she only took two bites and brought the rest home.  I am not even sure how it looked before she put it in the freezer, as we made a few stops after leaving the restaurant.

The next stop was at a mall where she wanted a certain purse that would match an outfit she just had bought a few days before. My goodness she is getting so into clothes and accessories and everything has to match.  Hmmmm ...sounds a little like her Nana!

We had a special time and we were glad we could share the evening with her. She was the only child for 5 years and the times we have together are usually spent with her and Kathleen now. So it was a little "Me" time for Hayley that night.

The next day, they decided to take me for a ride. They know there is one special place that I like to visit.  It has a lake and a playground. So they ~Took the Time~ out of their busy weekend schedule and took me to the lake.  We stopped and picked up lunch and took it to the lake to eat there.

It was cloudy and chance of rain that day, but it still was a nice time together with them. After eating lunch, the girls got on the playground and met some other children there.

   Pop pop decided to stay home and dog sit all the dogs. Theirs and ours. He was kept quite busy as they have 4 little ones and we have one.

We were planning on leaving on Sunday to head home, but the weather was bad, and they did not want us taking the 3 hour ride  home in all the rain.

Which was great and worked out well.  As Jill had fallen on Saturday and turned her ankle and this gave her the day to rest.

Kathleen our little "Girlie Girl" said "Nana can you fix my hair in a special way and we can play dress ups." So I told her to get all her hair things together and let's see what we could come up with. She brings a big box of all kinds of hair clips, rubber bands, ribbons, etc. And she even had a little eyeshadow box for little girls hidden in there. Just in case I thought she needed a little extra color on her eyelids. :-)  She went and changed into a beautiful dress and the hair style began.  She picked out the turquoise hair clips and black rubber bands. And her dress of choice was RED!!

       Who ever said "Redheads should not wear red?  Isn't she just adorable. We had the best time doing Girlie things and coming up with a new hairdo for her.

Hayley spent some time that day working on her jewelry business. This granddaughter of  ours just amazes us. She started making her own jewelry to sell when she was only 6 years old. She has sold alot to family and friends. And guess who her biggest customer is?   She showed me some of her new pieces and telling me how good they would go with such and such an outfit. And you know being a NANA I couldn't resist her selling tactics.

So sadly this morning we had to leave. They had to get back to their busy weekly  schedules and we needed to get back home . 

We are glad that we could ~Take the Time ~ to be with them and them with us. The girls are growing so fast, and every bit of time we have with them is cherished. Sometimes the simple things in life can last a lifetime.

Have a wonderful week.



  1. LOL, Kathleen looks so thrilled in that picture :-) I love the one of Bella and Owen! We had a great time too, just wish I hadn't fell! LOL

    Love, Jill

  2. I've never, in my life, heard of anyone taking ice-cream home. Actually, I don't have the will power to resist eating anyone's ice-cream that they don't want. ha!
    I totally need to buy that red dress for Claire. That's too cute!
    p.s. Save some money next time and open a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for Hayley. That's too funny!

    1. Mark,
      As a matter of fact, that is exactly what my husband did when we came home and did some grocery shopping. He picked up two large boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese. See Great Minds think alike. :-)
      And Claire would look beautiful in red.
      Have a great day.


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