Sunday, April 15, 2012

Have You Ever ~Taken the Time~ to hug a tree?

Have you ever gone outside and have seen a tree that just draws you to it and you want to give it a big hug?  If not, why not try it?  If you are a little intimidated you can look around first to see if you are alone.

Trees offer so much to us. They give us shelter, food, wood, an arm for a swing, a place to sit and rest our weary bodies, the perfect place to sit and read a book and the beauty of each season.  That you just want to give it a BIG ol' hug and say Thank you for what you provide for me.

They give us the Energy and Birth of Spring.!  The beauty of the budding of the flowers and leaves gives us such a good feeling of a new beginning of a new year.
                                                     The Dogwood Tree and Flower


The Red Bud Tree

                                                     The Magnolia Tree and flower.

Each season providing us with their gift of life and beauty.

When we moved to our home over 30 years ago, we had only three trees on our 5 acre property. We are tree lovers, and my husband said "well we will take care of this."  So began the planting of over 1,000 trees. Many different types of trees that are uncommon in this area.  Most were planted as seedlings. Some only a few inches high.  We nurtured each seedling for many years. If we had a hot spell, we saved our bath and dish water and took it out in buckets to water the trees.  Some were marked with those little plastic flags. One day as our Minister was driving by, he stopped and said "he had to see what we were watering."  He could not see anything from the road. Well, we were watering these tiny little seedlings, which  in a few years soon to be large trees.

Some of the trees we have planted and can be seen in these pictures are:  Scotch Pine, Sweet Gum,, White Pine, Eastern Red Cedar, Western Red Cedar, and Norway Spruce..

We enjoy sitting under them and other times watching all the birds that live in them.
Hope you have a tree somewhere where you can watch it grow and see how strong they can become.


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