Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This past weekend we had spent the time with our daughter Jill.  Last weekend our oldest daughter Kimberly~Took the Time~ to spend Saturday with me and her daughter Neve.

We live closer together, only one half hour away, but because Kimberly works all week, we do not get to see each other that  much.

We decided to spend the day shopping for some clothes for the two of them.  But first our Sweet Neve wanted to go out to lunch at Isach's. She loves that restaurant. So that was top priory on our list.

We had a good lunch and than the All important question........where to go shopping.  I left it up to them as I was just going for the ride and having some quality time with them.

Since I have trouble walking any distance I sat in the van and people watched while they went on their journey.  I love watching people. It can be very interesting at times. :-) 

After a few stores, we headed back to their home, where my husband picked me up and than we all went out to supper.  Hmmm seems like we are always going out to eat.  Something we learned when we went into Retirement. lol

Before we had started the day out, Pop Pop and I had been working on the back deck. Getting it ready for the warmer weather. In fact the day we were working on it, it was in the 90's. So that really got us in the mood . I have been talking about getting a glider swing for the porch for a few years.  Well one day, while on a mission to get some things at the hardware store, he saw a swing set sitting out front of the store for sale.  So "Bless his heart" he ~Took the Time~ to check  it out. And decided to get it for me as an early Mother's Day gift.

Neve was so excited as all three granddaughters love to swing. As does Nana and Pop pop. So she had the chance before we headed out on the shopping trip.

Doesn't swinging on a swing bring back memories of days of old.  And adds to  the new ones ahead.

Of course Pop pop does not go anywhere without his glass of milk!  :-)  

So we had another Thumbs Up day enjoying each other and the time together.  Life does pass too quickly, and we need to ~Take the Time~ to enjoy it and spend it with the ones we love as much as we can.

                                                   Have a Wonderful Day!



  1. Woohoo girlfriend! Goin' out to eat, shoppin', 'just a regular girls day out! What fun!!!

    Your daughter and granddaughter are beautiful! You are truly blessed sweetie.

    Then a swing for the deck...can life get any better? What a fella, hang on to him tightly!

    Have a wonderfully blessed day lovely lady!!! :o)

  2. Hi Nezzy,
    Yes,LIFE is good and my husband and I are truly Blessed with our wonderful daughters and granddaughters. Even though distance or every day obligations keep us apart sometimes, we try ~To Take the Time~ as much as we can to be together.
    Blaine and I have both been retired for quite a few years, and sometimes it gets too quiet around here. So we try to keep busy and enjoy life to the fullest as much as we can. I am thinking that swing will be a special place to sit and reflect on things and maybe grap a nap or two. :-)

    May you have a wonderfully Blessed day yourself, Nezzy!!


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