Thursday, July 5, 2012

A wonderful week at my daughter's home and enjoying the time with our granddaughters. They are sharing secrets of what they plan to do while Nana is visiting with them.

They always have something in store for me to share with them. And I am never disappointed.


Kathleen decided she wanted to do a SPA day for her mother, her sister and I. She brought all kinds of lotions and hair accessories to use on us in her SPA room. lol

Since the 4th of July was being celebrated there that weekend, we decided to do our nails in red and blue fingernail polish.



They were ready for some outdoor water fun in the backyard after the spa time.

Kathleen loves to play with play dough and create all kinds of goodies. So this was another day of fun for her and I. We made all kinds of cakes, cookies, pies, hamburgers, french fries.... you name it. We made them!!! All colors that you can imagine.

A game of golf came about when her dad decided to clean out their garage and Kathleen found an old golf ball and club.

She is very intent on what she is doing.


One evening Jerry (their dad) decided to take the girls and I fishing. I did not have a fishing license so I just sat and watched them enjoying themselves at the lake.

Kathleen had her "Wormie" to hook onto her fishing pole. And they were all ready to go fishing.

The lake was so pretty that evening.

Kathleen set up her little chair and threw out her rod and was ready and waiting for the fish to arrive.!

Hayley caught a fish on her first try!  All the fish they caught were thrown back in to the lake.

They tried different spots to fish.

Each one of them caught 6-8 fish, compared to dad's  one.!!

All of a sudden, Hayley hollers.... "I caught a turtle!"

And sure enough she did!! He latched on to the worm, after some tugging he got the worm and swam away.!  What excitement that was!!!!!  :-)

The setting sun on the lake was producing some beautiful pictures.

Soon it was time to head home. We all enjoyed the evening together.  And for me it was a great memory to share with them.

The whole week was filled with fun things to do, which made it go by so quickly. I wanted to ~Take the Time~ to share some of those special moments that I spent with them.

May every one have a wonderful weekend. ~Take the Time~ to enjoy each day, as the days go quickly into another week.!



  1. So nice you finally have the electric back and can blog! Love the pictures and how quickly the week went.


  2. Hi Eileen, What a wonderful time with your adorable grandgirls. Creating fun and memories always make the perfect day. Love all your nail accents for the celebration. Looks like the fishing time was great fun. I loved seeing your pretty 4th of July decoration at Jill's. Hope you can share the steps to this design.

    Have a great weekend and blessings to you.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

    1. Hi Celestina,
      Yes it was a lovely time with the granddaughters. I would have liked to gone fisihing myself as I have never been, but unless my age was 12 and under I could not fish without a license.
      I made the 4th of July decoration from things that Jill had given me. No rhyme or reason to what or how I was going to make something. Just put it together as I went along. I was fortunate to have it turn out to be somewhat presentable. lol
      Wishing you a great weekend as well. Try to stay cool. We are having over 100 degree weather.
      hugs, Eileen


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