Wednesday, July 18, 2012

~Taking the time to visit with my Sister-In Law~ part 1

Taking a couple of days to relax at my Sister-In-Laws home. I have another post on when we went 2 years ago.  We had the time to go visit with her this past weekend for a few days.  We love going there as her home is right on a creek in St. Mary's County in Southern Maryland.  The creek goes out to the Chesapeake Bay.

On Saturday, our granddaughter came down with my daughter and her husband to spend the day with us. They are also lovers of the water. Kimberly has not been there since she was a teenager. So she was excited to have the time to come and visit with her Aunt Jean and show Neve where her great aunt lived.

Neve enjoyed spending the time with Jean's dog Mya. We loved this picture of them. While Neve was petting Mya, Mya turned to look at Jean as to say....see mom this is  how you do it. :-)

My husband, Jean and I spent most of the 4 days there sitting on her porch. Which is only a few feet from the creek. It was very hot on those days, and we had a fan blowing on us to keep us cool. We could have gone inside where there was air-conditioning, but I did not want to miss any of the sights that could be seen from the porch.!!

The Blue Herring was a daily visitor there. He came mostly in the mornings and the evenings.

He has his fishing techniques down pat.

The Osprey lived on the inlet. There were about 4 of them.

They look alot like the Bald Eagle and sometimes it is hard to tell them apart. We have seen the Bald  Eagle there also.  What a beautiful sight to see these very large, graceful birds flying around looking for their catch of the day.

And of course you always have ducks "Cruising down the river (creek) on a Sunday afternoon."

By now the shoes come off and I can feel the breeze tickling my toes.  Awww... simple pleasures!!

So many pretty sights formed by the sunset or sunrise on the water.

At night the lights from across the creek reflected on the water.

A duck blind was set up for duck hunting.  Noticed that the ducks did not hang around this area. Wonder why???

The sunlight glistening on the water like diamonds.

And yes there is wildlife there. This curious squirrel came to visit one morning to see what I was up to.

It was a wonderful weekend to relax and just ~Taking the Time~ to spend some quiet time and visit with my husband's sister.



  1. My son, John, would love fishing there. He would think that he died and went to Heaven.
    I'm glad that you could spend time with Family too!

    1. Thanks Mark,
      It is a piece of Heaven to just be quiet and enjoy nature sometimes. I am sure John would love it, even being the energetic young man that he is. Youth can enjoy quiet sometimes, especially fishing. He would probably love going on a fishing boat out on the bay or just sitting on the side with his fishing pole.
      When families are apart in distance it is nice to spend some time with them.

  2. So peaceful and pretty! It's always best out on the porch!!!
    : ) Kris

    1. You are so right Kris! The porch is the best place to view what is out there. Whether in the city or the country! Down home enjoyment.!! :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures, as always, Eileen. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Hi Eileen, Just had to visit part 1 of your stay with your sister inlaw. What wonderful pics you took and such beauty to relax with. I know you had a great time. Love the pic of your grand with the sweet pooch.
    Going to part 2 now to continue the rest of the story.
    Love the Queen Anns Lace too
    XO Celestina Marie


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