Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Black Butterfly.......

Quite a few posts ago, I had put a blog post on of what the Black Butterfly meant to me. I have been waiting for the right time, to get some more pictures to share with you.  And today was the day.
After I posted the blog on the Hummingbirds this morning, I saw a huge Black Butterfly flying around our Butterfly bush. At first I wasn't sure if it was a Butterfly, Hummingbird or a small bird.
So I went out on the deck and to my joy it was my "Black Butterfly"

So I am just going to share some of the pictures I took of him. Wasn't planning on putting on another post this soon in one day, but I couldn't resist. Hope you enjoy them.

Notice the detailed coloring on the underside of his wings. Completely different from the top side of him.

A side view of him.




Guess I better stay in off the deck, or I will wear my camera out, not to mention my pointer finger.
Hope you enjoyed seeing what I saw today.







  1. Look at him showing off! So vain!
    But I guess I would too if I were that pretty.

    1. Mark,
      He sure was strutting his stuff! :-)


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