Sunday, July 8, 2012

Memories of Flowers From My Childhood

                                                The Beautiful Intricate Queen Ann's Lace

When I was growing up, we played outdoors a lot and nature was mostly our main source of  play.
We had different flowers that we used during our imaginary play. One of these was the beautiful Queen Ann's Lace.  It grew wild and is a "widely naturalized Eurasian herb from which the cultivated carrot originated."

We used the flower as an umbrella for our small dolls. We didn't have Barbie Dolls, but the dolls we had were as small as the Barbie's.  If we took the individual florets off , they could have been the dolls food, or what ever else we used them for.

So pretty and delicate.


The Trumpet Vine

The Trumpet Vine was another flower that we grew. This is where the Fairies lived.
They would collect the rain in the trumpet part of the flower and it provided them with days and weeks of  water and nectar for them and their Hummingbird and insect friends.

They now invite the granddaughters into the "Secret Garden."


The White Hibiscus

The Hibiscus flower became beautiful bonnets for our dolls. And fancy plates for the Fairies and Elves to eat their meals.  The Bees and Butterflies enjoyed the nectar from them.

The Pink Hibiscus


The Goose Neck Plant

Our flock of Geese on parade. We always found some way to use them in our play.


The  Many shades of the Day Lily

We had woods behind us and around us when growing up. If the Day Lilies were not planted by us, they came up in the wild by themselves.  You can find them growing along roadsides and woods.


The Old Fashion Sweet Pea

The Sweet Pea is one of my favorite Childhood flowers.  It looks like a miniature Snapdragon flower.
I had them growing in our childhood garden. When I got married we took some of the seeds to our first home. Than when we moved to where we are now, we brought the seeds with us. My mother came to live with us, so it was sentimental to both of us to have these flowers still growing for us.

So pretty and dainty.


The Butterfly Bush

We always had a butterfly bush.  It attracted the butterflies to our yard and added the nicest fragrance  to the air. Each little flower could be taken off and used to our imagination.


The Hosta Plant

You can imagine the possibilities of the Hosta Plants. The large leaves and the trumpet like flowers.
A great place for turtles, chipmunks and snakes to live. And the perfect place for the Fairies and Elves to live and be protected.


The Corn Flower

The Corn Flower is one that you can dry and use in flower arrangements.
And you can use them like a Daisy. When you want to do the "Loves Me...
Loves Me Not"  Game.


All of the flowers I have shown today are  just a few of the ones from my childhood memories and ones that we have planted where we live now. Rest assured we never abused the flowers when we used some for play. :-)

We ~Took the Time~ to plant these flowers so that our granddaughters could enjoy them when they came to visit. And listen to the stories from my childhood about these beautiful flowers. Back in the days when there were  no computers, cel phones, etc. When life was simple and easy and we used our imaginations at play.

Do you have any childhood memories of  Flowers?

Have a Wonderful upcoming week.
hugs, Eileen


  1. How wonderful that you "took the time" to plant these beauties to share with your granddaughters! I love the old fashioned blooms too. Sweet Peas being one of my favorites!
    I can remember playing with my dolls in the way you described. I loved that we had to rely on our imaginations to create our world of play!!! Kids today, they need more of this!

    1. Hi Kris,
      I so totally agree with you.... imagination can take you far and is needed in childhood. Our grandchildren today do not know what it means. The modern tech that is out there now does it all for them. How sad! We just have to introduce it back into their lives.

  2. I am lucky to have you as a mom and the girls to have you as their nana. Your creativity and stories inspire us all. :-)


    1. Thank you Sweetie,
      And I am fortunate to have such wonderful daughters and fantastic granddaughters. Makes my life extraordinary! love mona

  3. What a beautiful garden you must have! Loved all the pictures.

    1. Thank you Patty,
      We don't plant as much as we used to. But like keeping the old fashion type for the memories.
      Have a good weekend.


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