Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Part 2 of Weekend at Sister-In-Laws

This will be the second part to my last post on the weekend at my Sister-In- Law"s home.

The weather was extremely hot, in the 100 plus degrees.  Which seems to be following a pattern for most of the United States.

We all welcome any type of rain to help with the crops that are floundering from all the dryness and extreme heat. The Southern States of Maryland are usually providing produce for the rest of the state. Mostly corn,different melons, stringbeans, tomatoes, etc.  It was so dry and dusty there. Corn was brown before it even produced. Stringbeans were not growing. A lot of the vegetables were small in size and had marks on them.

While down there we had a storm each night that came across the water. It was so exciting to see how the clouds formed and see the wind pick up and blow across the waters.  It can be scary also, as there was a water spout reported one night on the bay. Which is a tornado over water.  Yipes!!

We ~ Took the time~ to take some pictures each night of the sky as the storms came into the area.  They did not last long and therefore did not provide the amount of rains that we need.

I would like to share them with you.  It is not the same as being there, but thought you might like seeing some of the skies that came before and after the storms.

                       Don't be fooled by the  blue space  in the sky. You can see the darkness forming to the left of the picture. The clouds were building up with  moisture. But isn't it beautiful?


We were mesmerized by the colors and how fast the clouds were changing. What would be in store for us ?


You can  look up at the sky  and watch the whirling and twirling of the clouds. Hearing thunder in the distance and some lightening bolts.  The thunder usually comes first at a distance, than it moves into the area with a big sonic Boooooooooommmmmmmmmmm!!! Sometimes it almost knocks your socks off of your feet.!!!   :-O

Yup, it is getting darker and darker and the wind is picking up. This storm, had alot of lightening . Not as much rain as we had hoped.

   My Sister-In Law's property is surrounded on three sides of water. So we just turned around to each area to see how the clouds were changing .


  That storm was not as bad as we thought it might be. It did provide us with some extraordinary color and sounds though.

Now this thunder storm the next night was really a little scary when it came up. I am going to show you some pictures in order of the storm coming across the creek. You can see in the distance the rain slowly coming toward us. The color of the water is changing as it is moving forward.

Notice the mist as it is bringing more rain. It changes the look of the horizon . The water is becoming more choppy.

Okay, now we are completely covered in rain and mist. If you look closely you can see the white caps forming on the water.


At this point we are hoping no one is out in their boats while this storm is coming in.  Two girls in canoes were out earlier and hopefully they had gotten to shore safely.! The fishing boats seem to do okay in smaller storms like this.

The storm lasted for about an hour. we couldn't stand outside much longer to take pictures as the camera and we were quite wet. But for us it was excitement seeing something like this. If you do not live on the water, it is a show that can be an experience!!

A few  hours after the storm passed , the two girls came back all in one piece. they live in the area and know just what to do. Sometimes you have warnings of an upcoming storm and other times they just come up out of no where. That is when they are most dangerous.


A few nights if it was an early evening storm and it passed, it gave us a gorgeous night sky. 

Storms can be exciting and interesting to watch. But this is not always true. As we know for many people effected by all the terrible ones that have been  happening in different states.
Always keep safe during a storm and find a safe shelter to stay until it is over.  These storms were pretty to watch. But we made sure we were out of harm's way during them.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening. Have a good night and a good morrow'


  1. Love the cloud pictures! Glad you guys were able to relax and have a good time!


  2. WOW you sure take the best photos. I love the storm pics and the sky changes. What a fantastic time you had even through the storms. Thank you for sharing and so glad it was lots of fun.
    Thank you also for stopping by and your sweet words. You just bless me with your visits my friend. Have a lovely evening and wonderful rest of the week.
    Stay cool.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie


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