Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Frog and the Chipmunk Came to Visit

                                                               One Afternoon......................

While relaxing in our backyard, we had a couple visitors  that came to visit.  Wasn't prepared that much so the pictures that evening were few.


                                        Mr. Chip came for supper.  An acorn was on his menu tonight.

  Hmmmm  must be pretty tasty. As he munches on it for quite a while.  Maybe like I do, when I enjoy a food that is really good, I make it last as long as I can... Example a piece of chocolate cake.


                  Awwwww that was soooooooo good! Now my cheeks and tummy are full.!

        One of the many Woodpeckers that come to eat at the Suet cages. They love this stuff!!!!


    Of course Mr. Froggy, who is a subject of quite a few of my photo pictures. He is so photogenic
    and loves having his picture taken.!  :-)


          He just loves sunning himself on a rock or a Lily pad. He is getting a pretty good tan!!


                            Peek-A-Boo----You can't see me hiding behind this water plant.!   


                                                   Well, I'm done playing....good night!


                                          The Day Lilies are demanding some "Me Time"


They love spreading themselves over  the years to give a colorful display among the green of the trees!!


                      ~Taking the Time~ for a bit  of silliness.  All on a summer evening.!

                                           Hugs!!!  Have A Wonderful A Week!



  1. Love this post. I miss the chipmunks we had visit us when we lived in PA. I've only seen one since we moved to NC. I love frogs too--I have them all over my house. Your place looks so peaceful and inviting. I hope you have a lovely week. Take care.

    1. Hi Shelia,
      the Chipmunks are quite busy around here. They make holes in the ground and are alwasy popping up. We have two that love our front porch and looking in the front door.:-)
      When we moved here about 31 years ago, WE had 3 trees on 5 acres. My husband has planted over 1,000 trees through the years. HE is still planting.!! We lost quite a few during the last couple of storms. The trees also provide a safe haven for the many types of birds that live here. That is our peace, sitting out in the yard watching and listening to the birds.
      Thank you for visiting. Hope your week is good as well.

  2. Hi Eileen! Thank you for visiting me at Simplify. I just love your daughter Jill!!! I am so glad that you are blogging. I visited your blog once before when Jill told me you had begun to post. Your photos of nature are beautiful! I love birds, and hang suet feeders, but don't get too much activity there. I do have lots and lots of other birds here. I love the woodies.
    The lake post previously, was beautiful! We are lake lovers here. We are going up to Big Bear Lake over the 4th of July weekend.
    PS I think the naughty book is good. But the most fun thing about it, is knowing that my adult kids think that their Mama is too prudish to enjoy it!!!
    Silly kids!!!
    XO Kris

    1. Hi Kris,
      Thank you for visiting. If I ever had the opportunity to move, it would be overlooking a lake. With mountains as the backdrop. We are fortunate to be near some man made lakes , a few are reservoirs. The winter time is usually when we put the suet out. It draws 5 different type of woodpeckers. This year we decided to not do the bird seed, but just put suet out. And to our amazement it has drawn so many different birds to our feeder. Even a large crow frequents it, and it is so funny to see this big guy swinging around and around on it.
      I am visiting Jill and family this week, so the book will have to wait until I go home. The girls get my undivided attention while I am here. Matter of fact, Kathleen is all ready to give Jill, Hayley and I a Spa Day. Including cucumber slices on our eyelids. lol
      Thank you for visiting.


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