Saturday, June 16, 2012

An Evening at the Lake~~~~~~~~

This evening after supper we decided to go to the Snowball stand and get a snowball. Our special treat during the summertime.  We than rode up to the State Park that we like to go to that has a beautiful lake.  We were not disappointed in the ride.  The lake was beautiful toward evening and had many different types of boats riding the waves.  We were high above  the lake at one point and it had a sloping hill going down to it.  I found this poem to share with my picture.

"The Lake Below"
by: L.D. Redmond

From the slope on the hill
I gaze upon the lake below,
Peaceful, lonesome and still,
As the even sun shines down
The surface gleams a rightly glow.

From the slope,
On the hill
My sight wonders deeper
Stretching down the valley
I enthrall its distant scope
Flowing gently.
With time to dally.

On the slope,
I see the gem glisten and lay
Nestled amongst nature.
Lake, you are a mighty display
With your body of enrapture.


We watched many different types of boats passing us by.


We drove down closer to the dock, where the boats presented a very colorful picture.


by Robert Service

I like to look at fishermen
And often times I wish
One would be lucky now and then
And catch a little fish.
I watch them statuesque stand,
And at the water look;
But if they pull their float to land
It's just to bait a hook.

I ponder the psychology
That roots them in their place;
And wonder at the calm I see
In every angler's face.
There is such patience in their eyes.
Beside the river's brink;
And waiting for a bite or rise
I do not think they think.

Or else they are just gentlemen,
Who love--they know not why.
Green grace of trees or water when
It wimples to the sky.......
Sweet simple souls!  As van I watch
My heart to you is kind:
Most precious prize of all you catch,
Just peace of mind.


As we neared the end of the lake, we saw some small boats in an alcove, enjoying the quiet and the fishing.


A Fat ol' groundhog was enjoying his evening meal.  His hole in to the upper right of the picture. You can see them throughout the park.  They are oblivious to us humans.


As we left the lake, we witnessed a beautiful Sunset, ending this wonderful evening.

Hope you all enjoyed this ride with us.  It is one of our favorite places to visit. And it is not more than 20 minutes from our home.  I thought I would "Take the time" to take some pictures tonight and share them with you.

Tomorrow is Father's Day. Hope all the Father's, Grandfather's, Uncles, and Brothers have a wonderful day. 

hugs to all.




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  1. What a lovely way to spend the evening! So jealous about the snowball! Lol



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