Thursday, June 7, 2012

A week spent at Sister-In ~Laws Shore home....

My husband is from a family of 3 sisters. He being the only boy. The sisters have all had shore homes and boats.  Now I keep asking my husband what happen to him?  I love the water, but his interest lie more in the mountains and streams and lakes.  Which is still okay with me, as long as it is water.  But just saying...........................

Any how only one sister lives on the water now. The other two have given up their shore and boat days, due to the aging process and all the upkeep that goes with living at the shore.

About two years ago we spent a week with his sister Jean. She lives on a creek that goes into the bay. It was a one room fishing hut years and years ago when they bought it. Camping out was the way to go back than, as the small hut did not provide much room for the family.  Anyhow through the years they added on and made a home there.  When  her husband retired, they moved there permanently. He passed away suddenly a few years ago. The family are always welcome to come and stay there and enjoy the beautiful view.

A pier leads off the yard into the water. where you can sit and enjoy the scenery.

Or you might want to throw over some crab pots and catch a few crabs for supper.

Watching the different boats go up and down the creek , is so pretty. And in the early morning and late evening you will see fishing boats coming or going from their day on the bay catching fish.

One day while my husband and I were sitting on the end of the pier, a Bald Eagle flew over our heads. What a wonderful sight that was.!

One morning our Smokey decided he was going to go on his own down the pier. The first time for him ever around water. And he did pretty good exploring.  So much in fact, that later that day, when a couple of us had left to go into town for lunch, he and Sarah ( miniature poodle) got out of the yard when  my husband's other sister was watching them.  He got lost, and when they came to find us and told us, we had to rush back.  It took us over 4 hours in the pitch dark driving around the inlet looking for him. We were frantic. We saw him a couple of times and he just ran from us. We finally found him, he and we were totally exhausted. All we kept thinking about was what would we do without him, if we could not find him. We had him for 15 years.  Sadly, this year at age 17 he passed away. We know what it is like not having him around. And we miss him very much.

One morning I had awaken early and went out on the side porch, and was met with a beautiful sunrise. It just took my breath away.

What a beautiful way to start the day.

The Mallard ducks were out bright and early looking for breakfast.

This old tree housed some birdhouses, filled with baby birds. We watched the mother birds flying in and out bringing back food for the little ones.

A Crane was walking up and down the side yard. Probably waiting for the fishing boats to go out and stir up some fish for him and his morning breakfast.

As the sun was setting each night, it too produced some beautiful displays on the water.

The Crane at  night on a neighbor's pier.

And the Seagulls settling down on another pier.

It was a wonderful relaxing week to be sure. Being with family and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
But as all good things must end, we had to head home.  We are hoping to visit again this summer.
And I still ask my husband " and you got into this family how???"""  lol

As summer is fast approaching us, we will try "To take the Time" and enjoy what this season has to offer for us.   Well, besides cutting grass for weeeks on end.

Hope everyone has a great weekend coming up. As it is, my husband and I are going to visit some dear friends that also live on the water. I have a post written about how we met them years ago when our first daughter and their first son were born.




  1. Love these pictures, especially the one of Smokey he looks so happy. That's one you should frame.

    Love, Jill

  2. Hi Sweet Friend,
    Beautiful pics and so glad Smokey was found. He looks like a wonderful friend.
    Thank you so much for your kind posts and poem for our loss of Miss B. I can't tell you enough how touched we are by your words and passing along the dear poem. It gave so much comfort. I am trying to get around to all with my thanks and I hope to visit again soon. Till then, take good care and enjoy the rest of the week with many blessings always.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie XO


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