Monday, June 4, 2012

The Princess and the Frog.......

                                                       The Princess.... Our Granddaughter Neve

                                  Neve had spent the night with us and was up early this morning, ready to explore our backyard.  Pop Pop was working on the garden , planting some vegetable plants and flowers.

He was preparing the ground for the seeds, using a tiller and a cultivator.

Neve was quite interested in the cultivator.

She had questions about what it was used for and if she could try it.

He told her it was to clear the weeds, open up the planting trench and tilling. Something that had to be done every day.

She seemed to be interested in what he was saying, as she surveyed what he had already done with the cultivator.

He told her she could try using it if she wanted to. But after a few minutes of thinking, as you can tell by her face, she decided that maybe it was something she would rather not do.

She decided that the couple of Weeping Willows near by, would be more fun and something neat to play under.

Weeping Willow Trees are the Bestest (lol) trees to play under.  This is where Fairies and Elves live and play. But humans cannot see them as they hide when we are about. Neve was looking for some type of clue that they lived there.

She was enjoying herself and using her imagination under the branches that hung low to the ground. We could hear her singing some songs that she was making up as she went along with her play.

I had told her that when we were little we would go under the Weeping Willows after a Spring Rain. We would tug at the branches and the raindrops would come down on us like a shower. So of course she tried it, since we had a heavy rain the night before. She was not disappointed !!

She came back to the garden and saw an onion that Pop Pop had pulled out of the ground. One that we started last year, and is now coming up. She couldn't believe the size of this Spring Onion.

She saw a Mother Wren fly into the birdhouse that Pop Pop had made and nailed to the fence about three years ago.  This is the first year a bird has taken up occupancy there. I tried for over an hour trying to catch her going in or out to take a picture, but she was too fast for me and the camera.

~The Frog..... in the Pond ~

After finishing up with the garden area, we decided to check out a few of the small ponds that we have around the yard. We wanted to show her some of the new baby goldfish that we had put in.
Also the green frogs that have made our ponds their home. They are very verbal most of the day. The sound they make sounds like a big rubber band being pulled back and released. 

This is a pond, my husband built about 2 years ago. We just add to it every year. Our new additions this year were 2 Koi fish and some new pond plants.  The round one is a planter with 5 different plants in it. It just moves around and around in the pond.  Well, Mr. Frog decided to jump on it and ride around the pond all day.  He is on the planter in the middle of the yellow flowers.

We got the biggest kick out of watching him. He was just sitting there enjoying the ride "like no body's business."  When he did his loud noise, Neve practically jumped in the air.  He is little but has a mighty voice.!!

At night when we have the windows opened, we hear him all night long.

We told Neve that since she was a  Princess and he was a Frog she could kiss him and see if he turned into a Prince.....Don't know why.... but she didn't go for that idea very well. She said that only happened in Fairy Tales.!!!  :-)

Another pond houses this frog.  He is not as handsome as the other frog. And Neve was still not interested in kissing this one either.

So guess the poor Frogs are just going to stay as Frogs.  Unless one day the Princess will come along and give him a big Kiss and he will again turn into a handsome Prince.
Meanwhile, between the pond and ~Taking the Time~ to play among the Fairies and Elves, our Green Frogs will have to enjoy the life they have.

Have a great week.  Have you kissed a Frog lately?????





  1. Thanks for sharing your weekend.
    The French are nicknames "Frogs". Did you know that? So yes, I have kissed a frog today!

    1. Good morning Mark,
      No I did not know that tibit about the French Frogs. Thanks for the information.
      You kissed your romantic.

  2. That is one big onion! LOL :-) Looks like she had lots of fun, bet she was missing her sidekicks...A.K.A. Hayley and Kathleen :-) LOL

    Love, Jill

    1. Yes, she was missing them. She wanted to know when they will be back down. She likes looking at the frogs,but they are not fun to play with. They spend too much time in the water. :-O



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