Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The beautiful Sunset

                                                                       THE  SUNSET

                    The Sunset........." The appearance of the sky when the sun goes down below the horizon 
                    at the end of the day."

    I have always loved looking upward toward the skies.  It provides so much beauty in so many ways.

   Whether a dark  cloudy filled day, the bright sun shining, white billowing clouds meeting together as they roll on by to form one large cloud.  Or the beautiful sunset as the sun goes down at night.

I have ~"Taken the Time~ during different rides or being outside to take pictures of sunsets.  You can keep them in your mind or take pictures to look at them whenever you need something beautiful and peaceful to look at.

Can you just feel the peace and warmth coming forth from this sunset. The clouds are lined in gold.  And the beautiful sun rays reaching upwards.

Hues of lavender, pink, yellow and white behind a row of trees.  As the sun is dropping behind them. it gives us an "Awwww " moment.

Looks like a can of red paint has flowed across the sky. The sun preparing for night puts on a display that is mesmerizing  as if  holding  our attention in a spell.

Can a mere paint brush paint something as beautiful as this?

You never know what colors you will see, or how strong the color will be.

Just takes your breath away!!

If you are fortunate to have a body of water near by you can see the sunset  reflected in there.

So much beauty by just tilting the head upward!

It is almost like a messenger sending us a special message and asking us for an admirable  approval.

There is so much beauty to see whether we are on the ground or looking up to the sky.
We just have to learn to ~Take the Time~.

Maybe tonight or the next night you will get to experience seeing a beautiful sunset.
Enjoy it... it is the perfect ending to a perfect day.
If you are not  having a perfect day, looking upward might bring you the peace you are seeking.

Have a wonderful night.!!



  1. Hi Eileen,
    WOW what gorgeous pics you share and what a talent you are with your camera. You have an artist eye my friend not only with the photography but the way you see the colors and meaning in the photo. Love this and it does give such peace.

    Thank you again for all the visits and support over the last month. It is a blessing and I appreciate you very much. I will always keep the poem with my special treasures.
    Happy Summer,
    XO CMD

  2. Gorgeous pictures!

    Love jill


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