Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hawley, Pennsylvania in the Poconos


                                     ~Taking the time " to share another vacation.  We hadn't been on a vacation since the one to Lake George, New York in November, 2005. So last November, we decided to take a few days and travel to the Poconos in Pennsylvania.  The Poconos are usually known for their Honeymoon get aways and sports related activities. (meaning boating, swimming, fishing, skiing  :-) )  As usual we wanted a place with a body of water and mountains. I checked on the internet and found a place called Hawley.   They had a lake and of course the mountains. So we made reservations to go there for a few days.

   The town of Hawley is a borough named for Irad Hawley, first president of Pennsylvania Coal Company.  Early industry centered around the transportation and support of nearby coal mining operations along with manufacturing facilities.

                             The Bellemonte Silk Mill regarded as the largest blue stone building in the world.  Is now home to a coffee shop that is frequented by the college crowd. A very interesting building  to be sure.      

There were many churches along the way, and bridges going through the town.  It was interesting to see this town of old.

We visited an Army-Navy store outside of town. It was full of  "You Name Its!" My husband was in there for hours. I finally went out and sat in the car, and enjoyed the scenery. A small pond with ducks kept me entertained.

Our motel was directly across from Lake Wallenpaupack. I was in  "Seventh Heaven"!

Lake Wallenpaupack is a reservoir in Pennsylvania created in 1926 by the Pennsylvania Power and Light company for hydroelectric purposes.  the Lenape Indians named the area "Wallenpaupack" which means "The stream  of Swift and Slow Water."  William Penn later owned the land and then deeded it to his son who gave it to James Wilson, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Lake Wallenpaupack is a 13 mile long lake with 52 miles of shore line.


There were benches along the stoned pathway going around part of the lake. In the distance you can see the Nature/Information center.  It was a nice place to go into and get information and have a good view of the lake.

Our trip being in November meant getting the tail end of the Fall foliage. But  it still was very pretty.


We took a ride around the lake to see what was in the area.  We found a home that was up for sale, that overlooked the lake.  Would have had to win the lottery to be able to afford something like this. But we can all have our dreams....can't we?????
Further down the road on our adventure of seeing what was out there we came upon this quaint older home. Just loved the Red, White and Blue chairs they had sitting out front of the house.

                                      The town for the most part was built into the mountain sides.


Each evening we would come back to the motel and enjoy the sunset over the lake. The trees in the front of the picture housed Bald Eagles. They would be there every morning. Unfortunately for us we never got to the dining area until after the Eagles had departed for the day, to do their hunting.

Our trip was wonderful, very quiet and relaxing. Something that we were looking for. We had the chance to shop at quaint shops in town. And eat at some wonderful restaurants, a few of them right on the lake. 

We are hoping to go again when the weather is warmer and see what is offered there .

This is one of the places we ate at. It was an old Victorian Style bed and breakfast. It was a hotel many many years ago.

The High School In Hawley still honored the people lost in the 9-11 tragedy with flags for each person from that state that was lost. 


Hope you enjoyed this picture trip with me.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. Take care!!


  1. Oh darlin', I did...I did so enjoy the trip with ya. I seldom get off the Ponderosa and this was just what I needed.

    A relaxin' trip to the Poconos. Thanks for invitin' me sweetie!

    God bless and have a fantastic day!!! :o)

  2. Would be such a nice relaxing place to visit right about now :-) Lovely pictures as always.

    Love, Jill

  3. Oh I just love this post and seeing PA in your gorgeous pics. Your vacation spot was lovely and so much history to learn. My mother and dad were both born in PA. Dad born and raised and my mother born and then raised in Morgantown, W.V. I was born in Michigan many year later. We took lots of summer vacations growing up in PA. I love the hills and mountains.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie


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