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Mother's Day Weekend....May 13th 2012

Mother's Day Weekend.... May 13th, 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  What a beautiful weekend it turned out to be.!
My dear husband bought a cake to be shared with our daughter Kimberly, her husband and our granddaughter Neve. We spent the whole weekend together enjoying the time together.


Our daughter Jill and her family were here last weekend, as they could not make it this week. They gave me a beautiful Petunia planter to hang on our deck. And dear Kathleen picked out this bright pink windmill flower that lights up at night. Pink is her favorite color and she  knew I would love it!!

A dear friend gave this beautiful butterfly planter with a plant in it. She knew my story about our butterfly ( that I have written on the previous blog.)  And said when she saw this, she knew it would be the perfect gift to me from her for Mother's day.

My dear husband gave me the Hydrangea plant to later put in the ground. The flowers were so heavy they would not stand up straight.

Our daughter Kimberly gave me this lovely green pitcher vase with a dozen long stemmed white Roses.. And this was the beginning of a very special weekend with each other.

On Saturday she said she was going to take me to a restaurant on the water for lunch. As a child I grew up visiting this area every summer. We took the girls there as they were growing up. We sat right on the deck overlooking the Creek. My husband did not go with us as he was tied up with acres of grass cutting.  He wanted to get it done before the rain that was to come this week.

We enjoyed sitting there and watching the boat traffic going up and down the creek.

They started the meal off with a Crab dip, and a Crab pretzel. I got a cup of Crab soup and my son in -law got a bowl of Creamed of Crab soup.

Kimberly and I order the crab platter. Hers had the garlic mashed potatoes and mine had the Sweet Potato french fries.  We both got fresh asparagus as the vegetable. Delicious!!

Granddaughter Neve decided she wanted Mac and Cheese and a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich!!
Great choice at a Seafood restaurant.!! lol     Look at the size of the dish. Needless to say she took a couple of bites of the peanut butter sandwich and a few spoonfuls of the Mac and cheese.
She was more interested in feeding the fish in the creek with her leftover bread.

Kimberly and I savored our delicious crab cake dinner and Brent enjoyed his Shrimp salad sandwich.  No room for dessert  here, that is for sure!! The brown  looking  stick piece by my fork, is in reality a fried spaghetti . They stuck it in the crab cake as a decoration.

From the restaurant, she decided to take me to a State Park on the water. So off we went, using the GPS ( is that the right word?)  Notice everything is water related. Does she know her momma or what?  :-) 

It was not crowded there, but there were brave people in the water, even though it is the middle of May, and not a very water friendly day. But there are the die hearts out there, that will take any challenge



Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and board paddling were some of the things we saw.

Sail boating and wind sailing......

Our Neve was enjoying her time in the sand on the beach. The first time this year.

Than Kimberly and Neve decided to take a few minutes to enjoy laying in the sun.

As you can see we all enjoyed the time at the beach.

Sadly it was time to go as the day was ending.  With the promise of "Let's do this again...when the weather is warmer."

We headed home, to my very tired husband. But he "Took the Time" to sit and listen to our day and share the yummy chocolate Mother's Day cake.

Neve gave the Thumbs Up sign and I couldn't agree with her more heartily. It was a beautiful day.
On Mother's Day, they invited us up to their home for a cookout.  We were around water, as they have a pond off of their deck. So we did not go completely without water the whole weekend.

Hope everyone had the chance to be with family. Or at least have them in thought and  close to their hearts.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Looks like a great time! Wish we were closer so we could have gone too.
    Love Jill

    1. Well, one solution Jill, you all will just have to move back! :-)

  2. Wait! I've never seen a seashore in Pennsylvania. Apparently, I need to get out more. ha!
    Looks like a great time. And now I'm in the mood for some mac and cheese. m.

    1. This was in Maryland ,Mark. So we had to travel a bit to get there. Pa. does have alot of lakes though.
      Yes, Mac and cheese good any time.!

  3. Hi Eileen, The pics share the perfect Mother's Day weekend with family, great food and beautiful gifts. What a blessing.
    Thank you for sharing and as always your pics are wonderful.
    Eileen, in a short time, you sure got blogging down pat. Love your posts!!

    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

    1. Thank you Celestina,

      Trouble with special times, they come and go so fast.
      I am still learning and Jill has been helping me with my blogging experience. I am afraid I will hit the wrong key or something.
      Thank you for your sweet comments. I love your post and I'm glad Jill introduced me to you.
      Take care and have a wonderful week.


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