Sunday, May 6, 2012

Supermoon Weekend~~~~~~~~~

Hope everyone had a chance to see the spectacular Moon occurrence that happens every one hundred years.  The  Supermoon  is the closest approach the Moon makes to the earth on it's elliptical orbit.

We were prepared to share it with two of our granddaughters, who came down to visit with us this weekend with mom and dad. Armed with binoculars and cameras we were anxiously waiting for it to appear around 11:30pm according to the news media. We had the date down pat. Saturday...May 5th, 2012.

Hayley was all ready, wrapped in a nice warm blanket and our super duper binoculars.  I was on camera detail.  Little Kathleen could not hold out that long so she fell sound asleep. With our promise we would try to wake her. But bless her heart she was "Out like a light" so we let her sleep and said we would show  her the pictures in the morning.

We went out on the deck around 11pm and we saw this sight over the top of the roof. A red ring around the moon amidst some passing clouds.

I tried for a close up and this is what we saw.  It really was breathtaking.  It was not as large as they showed on some of the pictures on the news of past moons. But guess it depends on where you live.
It was almost like the Harvest Moon to us. Well, maybe a little larger. :-)

        This is what we saw over the rooftop without the zoom in lens.  It was well worth the wait and staying up late and yes, sitting in the chilly night to see the Supermoon .  Probably won't be around when it happens again in another one hundred years.

On Friday, my husband and I went shopping for some water plants for our pond that he made a few years ago. This is a Water Pitcher Plant.  It is in a ring that allows the plant to float around the pond.

Another plant we picked up was a  Water Lettuce Plant. It looks like a head of lettuce.


   And last but not least a Water Hyacinth. He also surprised me with two small Koi fish. They will live among the goldfish that have resided there for a couple of years. Hopefully plants and fish will survive.!!

We had eaten lunch at the Cracker Barrel and found this charming Wooden Rocking chair chime. If you are familiar with this restaurant, you will notice that they have wooden rocking chairs set out across their whole porch. They are for sale to purchase and also they use them as a waiting area if they are over crowded.


    My husband was given some boxes of old train things that a childhood friend had given him. So he was excited to show them to the girls and I. And what better place than on the deck, to spread everything out and examine!!

Is that a Big Smile of Happiness or what ?!?!?  He was in his glory showing it to them, and of course they loved it and the time with Pop pop.


Later in the day, after I had been in the house getting lunch ready, I was told there was a surprise on the table outside for Mother's Day.!! And what to my surprise, the girl's had picked some of our flowers in the yard and put them in a vase . If you read my daughter Jill's post~~Blessings of a Stay At Home Mom~ you know her girls love to pick flowers. Especially those growing right in their yard. :-)

You just have to love them. And they even found a pretty vase to put them in.!!

Our Rhododendron  bushes were the source of their supply. They also had a few Iris and  Periwinkle in there.

We had a very enjoyable and loving weekend as usual when "Our Girls'  come to visit with us.
Love when we can ~Take the Time~ to be together.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. And that you had the chance to experience seeing the Supermoon.  Or maybe spending some time with the grandchildren!

Have a good upcoming week.



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  1. They always love spending time with their nana and Pop Pop! Another great weekend that goes by too quickly.

    Love, Jill


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