Sunday, May 20, 2012

~Taking the Time ~being with the ones you Love!!

Another beautiful weekend.  It was also a beautiful weekend in the fact that we had all three granddaughters spending it with us.  We were celebrating both Hayley (who will be 11) and Neve's (who will be 8) birthdays.  What a great time we had together.


Hayley wanted to go to the American Girl store for her birthday. My daughter Jill on Blessings of a Stay at Home  will do a blog on their special day.  This picture was taken this morning on our deck after breakfast. Of course they cannot do anything without one of the dogs getting into the picture.

Kathleen and Neve decided bright and early this morning that they wanted to give their Barbie dolls a bath. They suggested giving me an option of either going to the lake, or a  swimming pool  to take the dolls for their bath. Needless to say, my solution was way much simpler.....they could use one of Nana's large old pots with water in it to do the job.!!

Wow ...who would have thought an old pot with water and a bunch of naked Barbie Dolls could be so much fun!!

Well, what can I say... sometimes us Nana's know just the right solutions. :-)

What do you think?.... They look pretty happy.!


We finally did decide to go to a lake close by. But not for giving Barbie Dolls a bath. We decided their idea about going to the lake was a good idea, so why not take a ride up there.

We saw Canada Geese with their babies along the shores and in the water.

And the girls were on the run. Running free and enjoying every moment.

I would say the girls, mom and dad and nana and pop pop all had a great morning/afternoon.

So what would be the finishing touch on this beautiful day......??

Why.... the opening of the local snowball stand for the season. So off we went for that always special treat this time of the year.

So many decisons to make, so many flavors.  Pop Pop and their dad were taking our orders.
Jerry and Hayley do not like snowballs so they would get ice cream later.

Poor Kathleen , she was so tired and hot she  just had to sit down to wait for the snowball to be made.

Finally after a long wait, (apparently the Hershey's syrup was so thick, that the girl had trouble getting it out of the bottle to put on the snowballs) Kathleen got her chocolate snowball with marshmallow on it.  But along with it she got a little brain freeze.

Poor Baby, half way through she dropped her snowball when she put it in the little cup holder on her chair. She was so sad.!!!

But the nice lady, refilled it for her, and than she was back in the groove.!!

A perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.  But all things come to an end, and when we got back to  our home, they had to pack up and head back home for their long trip.

With the promise to get together again next week to celebrate Neve's birthday.!!!  :-)

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. Seems like they are coming closer and closer together, but when it gets here goes way tooooooo quickly.

Take care and enjoy the upcoming week!!


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