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The meaning of our Black Butterfly~~~


The Beautiful Butterfly

How many times have you watched a beautiful butterfly  fly from flower to flower and than soar upwards towards the heavens.  It is a sight to see and has enthralled many through their lifetime.
Watching them brings such peace and beauty to behold.

For many the Butterfly has a meaning all it's own just for them. Others see it in the beauty of nature.

"The Butterfly symbolizes the life cycle.  When the Caterpillar spins his web he seems to die but he lives again as a butterfly."

"It can be seen as a comparison to life after death by Christians.  A rebirth after death."

"The Black Butterfly symbolizes new life from an old one.  Seeing that the color black is a strong yet subtle color, the Black Butterfly symbolizes the new strong but subtle life after a period of transformation."

I would like to ~"Take the Time" to share my love of the butterfly and it's meaning to me.
Growing up in the country as a young child we always had butterflies around us in the Spring and Summer.  All colors and sizes to enlighten us. I have carried this love of the Butterfly throughout my life. 
When my husband and I planned our marriage, we planned on having a family and thinking of having about three children. My dear husband really wanted ten.!!  After two years of marriage we became pregnant with our first child. A daughter and she changed the titles of everyone in the family. I was a mother, my husband a father, our parents,,,grandparents, our sisters and brothers were aunts and uncles and so on and so on. My grandmother became a great grandmother.
We were ready for another child after a few years.  We were hoping for a son, as my husband was the only boy in his family of 4 sisters and the last boy in the family to carry on the Family name. But we did not care, as long as the baby was healthy. 

Back than we did not know what sex the child would be until they were born.  It took me five years to get pregnant again. So it was a joyous occasion when we found out we were pregnant and when our baby was a son, we could not have been happier.

He was born on May 3rd, 1973.  I felt toward the end of my pregnancy that maybe something was just not right. But pushed the thoughts out of my head.  He was a beautiful baby, so perfect in every way.  So we thought.  Our Son passed away at the young age of five weeks old, due to a very serious heart defect. He was born with a three chamber heart.  The grief was so hard to bear.

It was an emotional strain on all of us. Someone so loved and so wanted, was gone in five short weeks.  We had a place in the mountains that we used to camp at.  So a few weeks after  he passed we went up there just to be quiet and alone.  While standing there a beautiful Black Butterfly appeared out of nowhere. He came to us and flew around and around us for a very long time.  A peaceful feeling came over us and we knew that this Butterfly was our son letting us know, that he was now at Peace and with God.  Now every year, around the first part of May, our Black Butterfly comes to us, no matter where we are.  We look for him each May and he is always there.

When we moved to where we live now, my mother came to live with us. She lived with us for nineteen years when she passed away.  She used to love the outdoors.  And when we did our garden she would walk back to it and watch us work on it and sometimes giving us a hand.  She passed away in October, 1999.  In November of that year, my husband and I were back in the garden and all of a sudden this bright orange Butterfly flew down the pathway to where we were.  Now there are never any Butterflies in November.  But there was that one, that day.  My mother never cared for the color black, so we feel that she came back in this bright orange Butterfly, to let us know that she too was okay and she had a rebirth.

My Mother was on Hospice just for one short day. They were so good to her and I met the nicest people there.   After the visit by  the orange Butterfly, I wrote a letter to Hospice thanking them for what they did for my mother that day.  And along with the thank you, I shared my Butterfly stories with them.   They said they were printing it out and sharing it with other families who have had a lost in their lives.

I guess I just felt I need to share our story with you, especially since this is May and our beautiful Butterfly has again come to us after 39 years.

I was wondering if anyone else has experieced a Butterfly story after the loss of their loved ones.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy life to the fullest.


  1. Beautiful post mom. Love you.
    Love, Jill

  2. Hi Eileen,
    Oh this was such a beautiful story of love and God's message to you from your son through the butterfly along with your mother's butterfly in orange. I so believe in these signs from above.
    When my parents passed away, we did not have a butterfly come to us, but two morning doves came one morning and sat on the edge of our pool for the longest time. Together they stood while we watched from the window. Never before have we seen such a sight. We thought right away it was my parents letting us know they were together again in heaven and all was okay. We felt such a sense of comfort and peace.

    I am so sorry you lost your precious son and believe one day you will be with him again. How special to be blessed with your beautiful daughters too.
    Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt post.

    Blessings to you, Celestina Marie

    1. Dear Celestina,
      So glad you had the experience of the beautiful peaceful doves. Yes, God sends us many signs that there is life after death and letting us know our loved ones are okay and within his care. It does give us a peace knowing this.
      The day after I wrote the post, my husband and I were sitting outside on the back deck and our beautiful black butterfly came and stayed with us for over half an hour. He circled around our heads and stayed on the deck floor for a long time. I have a picture of him and will post it one day. We have been Blessed with our daughters and granddaughters. They are all special to us.
      Take care and keep enjoying the beautiful life you have.

  3. sister passed away Thursday July 5th, 2012...after saying our good-byes at the hospitol after her passing, my other sister and I were sitting out on her deck.........our neighbor spotted a black butterfly sitting on the deck a couple feet from wasn't moving .........I said omg Hi Dar( deceased sister)........the butterfly flapped its wings.........still didn't fly sister walked over to it and picked it up and came and sat down........we said we love you Dar, fly away and go home to mommy and daddy( also deceased)...........the butterfly flew away and it was like a calm came over me.............amazing it was

    1. Oh my, I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your sister. How sad a time for you and your family. Keep looking for your Black Butterfly, she will always be with you and let you know she now has a new life.Years ago my husband's niece passed away suddenly at a young age. The family had gathered at her sister's home after the service. A Black Butterfly flew around her two sisters, mother and her brother for a long time. Yes, the Butterfly will bring you peace. It has been 39 years since our infant son passed away and he comes back every year. We are never let down after all these years. Many Blessings and thoughts to you and your family.

  4. Eileen- I stumbled upon your blog when I searched for "black butterfly meaning". I have a story to share.

    My mom passed away suddenly on July 9th of this year. The day she passed away, I discovered a huge sign, one that helped me cope with the worst day of my life. Here is part of what I read at her memorial about my "sign".

    "Mom, on the day you passed, we came home from the hospital and I noticed a small black butterfly on the wall in the living room. It was clung to the wall with its wings spread open. I didn't think much of it at first. Hours passed and I noticed it was still there and I couldn't help but think, mom is here. The next morning I thought it flew away, but just found it in another room. This new friend of ours was here for a reason. Later that day I was looking through pictures you took on your phone and found some from a butterfly house you and dad visited on one of your vacations...a window cling butterfly in the kitchen...and several throughout the next few days as we took walks. I knew this meant something, and then it hit me - you were such a butterfly. Flitting around spreading joy and laughter everywhere you went. Giving giant hugs to everyone, flashing your toothy grin, and laughing your giant loud outside-voice laugh."

    This sign that was presented to us; whether delivered by God, chance, luck, coincidence, or fate will help carry on my mother's "social butterfly" personality and memory. Everyone who was at her memorial that day, anyone who hears this story, anyone who sees mine and my sisters small butterfly tattoo on the inside of our arms, and anyone who is visited by a butterfly will know our mom/wife/grandma has touched several lives and will never be forgotten.

    This butterfly has given me comfort and hope to carry on, knowing my mom's spirit, love and energy surround us daily and was with us for those two days after her passing.

    I also found these meanings in my search, which bring me comfort-

    Symbolism and Meaning of Black Butterfly
    ✦ Metamorphosis: In many cultures, it is believed that black butterflies are the symbol of transition, renewal or rebirth. It is also believed that black butterflies could be a symbol of rebirth of something or people. They are also symbolized for longevity and shift in the power. In short, black butterflies are supposed to be the sign of positive change in the present situation.
    ✦ Death Warning: In various parts of the world including Central America, Philippines, China, black butterflies are considered as a symbol of death. Hence, according to these people, a black butterfly or moth in the house is the warning of death of a member of the house. They also appear in the house when someone in the house has already died.

    ...a butterfly was seen in Japan as the personification of a person's soul; whether they be living, dying, or already dead. One Japanese superstition says that if a butterfly enters your guestroom and perches, the person whom you most love is coming to see you...

    The ancient Greek word for "butterfly" is ψυχή (psȳchē), which primarily means "soul" or "mind".

  5. Is there any way you can post my last comment as anonymous?

  6. To the person who wants to remain anonymous on your response to this blog post, I haven't posted it because I can not take your name off. If you get this and change your mind let me know and I will publish it.
    Thank you for sharing this with me. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. Please know that I am thinking of you and your family.
    If you would like to get in touch with me to talk, my e-mail is
    hugs Eileen

  7. I stopped by to read this post you shared in your comment on my blog. I read the comments of others also. I keep looking for a sign from God. Thank you for your kindness. I am sorry for your loss also. Blessings!

  8. I am sitting here now in my living room with the most beautiful butterfly flying around.I was searching the internet and came across your lovely post. This has given me great comfort as I have lost my darling mum and 2 baby daughters in the last 2 years and believe my mum has come to let me know everyting will be ok x


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