Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another day trip to a Pennsylvania State Park

 On Thursday we took another day trip to a Pennsylvania  State Park.  Today we are traveling to the Poconos.

Of course there always seems to be a large vehicle in front of you when you want to take a picture. It being a week day, there is always heavy traffic. Mostly tons of trucks and now school buses.

Well, the ride was pretty going through the mountains, just had to overlook the traffic. Coming and going.!!!

We saw some mountains that had been drilled out and they produced these lines in the rocks. It was kinda' neat to see them.

Everyone once in a while we would get a clear shot of the mountains,but it had some haze over it.

As we were getting closer to our destination things were clearing up a bit. Both traffic wise and weather wise.

The ride was getting pretty with all the trees. We are more into the mountains now.

We finally got to our destination.  Lake Wallenpaupack, in Hawley, Pennsylvania.  Last November my husband and I spent the week here. I have a post that I had put on about it.  Today was just the day trip. But the reason we came on the 3 hour ride was to visit and have lunch with a wonderful couple that we had met there the last time we were there.  We met them at the motel where we were staying. They live only about 20 minutes from the motel. But they were in the middle of renovating their home. Jim told Sheree to take a few days away from all the mess and destruction and stay at the motel. And that is how we met Jim and Sheree!  The four of us hit it off right from the start. We e-mailed off and on since November.  Knowing that we would be at our daughter's this week, I asked if they could meet us at a restaurant there that we ate at a few times. They could and it turned out to be a beautiful get together and afternoon.

Our waitress graciously took our picture. Jim and Sheere in the back, my husband and I in the front.
The restaurant was overlooking the lake.  It was very active that day with all the boats and jet skis,etc. Not like in November when we were there last.

We had a nice lunch with them. And than Jim asked us if we would like to go to get a cup of coffee at the Cocoon Coffee house down the road, before we had to part our ways.
Of course we said yes, as we wanted to extend the time together.


 I was excited when we pulled up to this building. We had passed it many times when we were there in November. But did not know what it was. We just liked the oldness of the building.  It used to be an old Silk Mill, many many years ago.  They would keep the worms in the small building and than use the cocoons to make silk.  They have since made the smaller building into a coffee shop. The insides are the same, just cleaned up . And what a nice place to spend some quiet time with a cup of fresh brewed coffee and a pastry or muffin. They also served light salads.  But since we had eaten lunch we just enjoyed the coffee and sat around and talked. Getting to know each other more.

The building behind the coffee house is where they made the silk.  Now used for college classes, and some speciality shops. We did not have the time to go inside on this visit, but maybe on another visit there.

So glad they kept this building intact and used it in today's world without destroying it .  Hopefully we will get a chance to go inside the larger building at another time.

Time was getting away from us, so we had to make plans to head back.  But not first without stopping at the lake to take a few summer pictures.


We had to sadly say good bye to our new found friends. And we thanked them for treating us to lunch and taking us to the coffee house for a great cup of coffee. We left with many rounds of hugs and the promise to try to get together again in the near future.

Hope you have a chance soon to ~Take the Time~  and meet some new found friends.
Friends are the Spice and Sweetness in my life.
Hugs, Eileen


  1. So glad you guys were able to get away and enjoy this time :-)


  2. What a lovely day trip! Thank you for sharing pictures of it. And, isn't it great to meet friends and really hit it off? We got to do that on vacation one year with a cyber friend I'd made. She and her husband drove to the beach town we were in to meet for lunch. It was great!

  3. Hi Eileen, What a fabulous trip and a wonderful get together with your new friends. I love the pic of you all at the restaurant. Your pics of the mountains and countryside are so inspiring. I love PA and spent many a summers there with my family who had been born and raised there and W.V. What an interesting coffee house using the old silk building. I do hope you get to revisit and go through it.

    I also enjoyed catching up on your previous posts. Looks like it has been a glorious summer for you and yours. Blessings now for the new season ahead.
    Happy Fall!!
    Hugs, Celestina Marie
    p.s. thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment.


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