Thursday, August 16, 2012


                  I have this sign hanging in my kitchen and it is one of my favorite sayings.
   Our granddaughter came to spend the night with us on Tuesday night. And we LovedLaughed and
   Lived  the next day to the fullest.


                 Neve is going into the Third grade this year. She had gone to meet her third grade teacher  
     on Tuesday evening. I was thinking that I would like to do something a little special when she
     came to our home afterwards to celebrate her going into the third grade.  Hmmmmm, what would
     be fun and something different. Got to thinking that  we use cakes for birthdays, weddings,
     anniversaries, etc.. Why not get one to celebrate going into the next grade.  So my husband and I
     went to the store and picked up this little  adorable decorated cake. I bought a #3 candle to put on it.

                              I also bought some school supplies and a fancy bag to put them in.

                               She was so excited when she saw the cake with the lit #3 candle on it. 
           It just made it all worth it and was so glad that I came up with this idea to celebrate a  new step
    in her growing up  in life.

                    Of course she blew out the candle and was ready to eat it! We served vanilla ice cream with it. The cake was chocolate....what else would it be for a celebration!

                                                   This was her first attempt at cutting a cake. :-)    LIVE

                                After eating the dessert, she opened her special gift bag.

                              This was one of her favorite things. A giant Minnie Mouse eraser.!!

                                      Mother and granddaughter  loved the special celebration.  And one I am thinking of continuing through the years.   LOVE


                                 After Kimberly left to go home, Neve wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast with Nana and Pop Pop.

                         Pop Pop wanted to make his little one comfortable , so he got her this pillow to put behind her back while she watched the movie.   What can I say?   LOVE

                 The next morning we decided to go to a State Park. One that we had taken our other granddaughters to at one time, and that I put on another post.

                   We stopped at this restaurant in Gettysburg, Pa. to get some lunch before heading to the park. The name of the restaurant is Dunlap's and has served  families delicious meals for many years.

                           Neve's choice was a grilled cheese sandwich, applesauce, and pink lemonade to drink. Pop Pop ordered a meatloaf dinner, and I ordered a fried chicken dinner.  We decided to get ice cream later at our favorite ice cream store on our way home.

                 Some of the new replacement fences that are being put up on the  Gettysburg Battlefield .
  We passed many of these as we headed to the Caldonia State Park.  

     When we reached the park, Pop Pop and Neve went over the bridge to go to the play ground. 

The mountain stream was so nice and clear. And provided wading for some of the childrend that were there.

Neve enjoyed the slides . Going up was only half the fun.

                                  She likes to do dramatic poses when she knows the camera is on her.  LAUGH

                                             Getting ready for the descend down the slide.

                           Here she comes!!!  Still posing.  :-)


                              The slide does crazy static things to your hair.!!

                And that is the end of that round of slides. On to something else.

                 A great time on the playground. Spending the time together is so much fun.!!!   LIVE

                 Our last stop for the day was at a discount store called  Ollie's . 
Where you can find so many neat things at discount.  Neve wanted to get a little shopping in before we went home. Typical girlie thing to do. Don't know if you can see the gray bag behind her back as she is going in.  She had $4.00 in quarters that were burning a hole in her pocket. She put them in a small gray plastic bag to take in the store.  LAUGH 

She was so excited with her purchase. She bought the first thing she saw. She has four dogs and always thinks of them. This purchase was originally $10.00 on discount, but they had another sale on it and she got it for $2.49!  Pop Pop said she was so happy and was dancing around at the cash register, because she not only got it on sale, but she got change from her $4.00.!!   LAUGH

                 One of her doggies that will get the benefit from her purchase. :-)


                   Sadly we had to take Neve back home. Pulling her suitcase behind her and tears in her eyes. She wanted to stay longer, but they had other things to do. Next week is starting back to school for her and they want her to get on a schedule now.

                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    This post is kinda' long. But I wanted to ~Take the Time~ that we had together. And how Live, Laugh and Love can come into all our lives.  



  1. Love this post and pictures and missing Neve more.... wish we could have been there too!

    Love, Jill

    1. Jill, That is all she kept talking about, she wished Hayley and Kathleen could be there with her.
      That is why we took so many pictures to share.
      love mom

  2. What a special time with your sweet girl! I love using the 3 and a cake to celebrate her going into 3rd grade!
    Nice time!!!
    Love your knotty pine cabinets too!!!
    : ) Kris

    1. Hi Kris,
      Thank you Kris.
      I love the lightness of the cabniets. We had remodeled a few years ago. Before that we had all dark cabniets.
      I think as I get older I like lightening up things. :-)
      Have a good weekend.


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