Tuesday, August 7, 2012

~Taking the Time~ To Enjoy the Colors of Summer

          While visiting our daughter we stopped at this neat little gift shop. I just loved the colors of the Garden Whirligigs. The wind makes them spin, each one is a different design.

Seeing all the pretty colors made me happy. The shop is in an old home and they had this beautiful stone fireplace in the front of the house. There was also one on the side of the house.

Our yard is producing many colors of it's own with the many types of flowers we have planted. And I would like to share these Colors of summer with you.



















 Summer is a beautiful time of the year. But truthfully I love the Spring and Fall seasons.
This summer has been extremely hot, and it has not been a good summer to sit or work outside like we would like.
 I guess depending on where you live during this season, is how you enjoy it. 
Hope everyone has a good one and enjoy your Colors of Summer.




  1. Hi there! What beautiful blooms you have!! We are looking very parched and dried up here in the garden department! VERY hot indeed!!! We do not get to sit outside and enjoy much during this part of the summer, but most of the year is mild, so I guess I can't complain!
    Love whirligigs too!!!!
    Happy Wednesday to you!

  2. Those flowers are just beautiful! :-)

    Love, Jill

  3. Wow--your flowers are lovely. I love seeing so many different flowers in one yard. I wish I knew more about gardening so I could grow more here. I'm slowly learning what does good here and what doesn't. We had a storm here one day last week--and the next morning, half of my huge lilac bush was on the ground=( I'm hoping the part still standing will do okay and continue to grow. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Take care.


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