Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Addie's Birthday Party.....

I love this flag that Jill and her family brought back to us from their trip to Tennessee. And how true the statement it makes.!!

We had a nice Labor Day weekend with them. It was actually two occasions to celebrate. One the national holiday of Labor Day and Addie's birthday party.

Our granddaughters, especially Hayley, are into the American Girl Dolls.  About a month ago, Hayley had called and asked if we could do a birthday party for one of her American Girl Dolls, Addie.  Addie is 12 years old and Hayley had read her story .(there is a story about a time in History of each doll). I just love Hayley's imagination !  She asked if we could make a full turkey dinner for Addie with all the trimmings.  Since they live a distance from us, she asked me if I could buy the food and she would help cook it when they got here. 

Everything was bought and waiting for them to get here. The day of the party Hayley set the table for all of us for the special occasions. She had access to what ever she needed.


Hayley did a great job on setting the table. She brought her own vase with artificial flowers and a bow on it.  She used some of my favors to put candies in for everyone.  And she added a special touch of fresh plums on the plates.  I just love how she used the plates and folded her napkins.


She set up a little store in the corner of the living room. She even pulled out the sleeping sofa for the sleepover later that night for her, Kathleen and Neve. Everyone was invited to come and buy a gift for Addie.

Addie was given a place of honor at the head of the table.!  One gift already in place.

Our dear neighbor/friends across the street from us, heard about the birthday party so Inez made this hula hoop with balloons tied all around it to use as a decoration. Hayley put it behind Addie's chair. It was precious.

Doesn't Addie look so happy!  What little girl wouldn't love all this attention.!


Hayley was also so happy that all that were invited came to the party.  It was the perfect day for Addie.

Our family loves mashed potatoes so that was on the list. We must have peeled 10 pounds if not more of potatoes.  Hayley and Neve dished them into the bowls. And we had gravy to go with it.

                Everyone enjoyed the turkey dinner. Even Aunt Kim and Uncle Brent. The dinner was turkey, mashed potatoes, fresh  green beans, fresh corn on the cob, cranberry sauce, biscuits, and sugar cookies made by Hayley.

We all sang Happy Birthday to Addie, and than went around the table and each of us gave her a special Birthday wish. Wishes from Jill, Jerry, Hayley, Kathleen, Kim, Brent, Neve and Nana and Pop Pop.  And from Inez and Charles who were unable to make it but sent their love to all.

Granddaughter Neve brought her pink guitar and sang a song and played a tune.

What a special time we had. Everyone using their imagination and having family time together.
Sometimes it is good to just ~Take the Time~ to let go and do something fun and different. The birthday party was loved by the girls and the adults that were there. And that our friends made the special decoration to add the festivities.

The next day was the Labor Day celebration. And we had a house full than. It was supposed to be a cookout, but wound up being a cookin because of the weather being iffy with rain. And the yellow jackets were out in full force.  There were about 26 of us . Adults, teens, children, and a toddler. It was also a fun day.  A very busy weekend to be sure.  My husband and I took a long nap after they all had left to go home.  lol 

Life can be so full of every day things. Sometimes it is just nice to ~Take the Time~ to let loose and go into the magical world of imagination and fun.



  1. Wow!! What a wonderful party for Addie! You are a wonderful Grandma!!! Such precious memories!!!!!! Hayley is so creative!!!
    Love this! My daughter Erika, who is now 29, wanted an American Girl doll when she was little. We had a hard time affording this doll, as it was quite out of our budget at the time. But she got her doll. I have saved it. It is Kirsten. I am hoping one of the grandgirls will become interested in American Girls soon.

  2. Hi Kris,
    Hayley's next project is having her dad built her a large American Girl house to decorate and have her dolls live in it. Her imagination is running wild with all kinds of thoughts and ideas.
    The dolls are quite pricey. We try to give them one for their birthdays or Christmas. Found that the accessories are also expensive. So we try to use what we have to make accessories for the dolls. Hope your granddaughters will get and love one of the dolls. If not, you are never too old to be interested in dolls. :-)

  3. That's my girl! Love her creativity :-)


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