Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The beauty of a March Snow Storm~~~~


We have been waiting for a good accumulation of snow this winter. Yes, we did have a few storms of 2 inches or less. But we are snow lovers and it is not winter unless you have a good snow storm that produces a substantial amount of the white beauty.!! Plus it provides our wells with our drinking water and helps in getting the ground ready for Spring Flowers.!!

Not everyone agrees with us, but being retired we can bask in the luxury of staying indoors and settling back and enjoying the quiet beauty of the snow.

If you live in a snow region you know that  you have been trained since childhood to go to the grocery store when you hear a storm is coming and stock up on toilet paper, bread and milk. Even if your cupboards are already filled with these supplies. YOU have to do this each time~~~ it is the routine.

The only thing that is not good, is loosing power. But this year we are prepared. On my last post I showed how my husband and I cooked over an open hearth. Preparing to have at least hot meals and some heat in the home.

On Tuesday we drove to the grocery store to do our stock up. On the way home we drove to the reservoir. I wanted to take some "Calm before the Storm " pictures. And I was not disappointed in the ones that I had taken.

The lake was so calm and peaceful and the sky was beautiful. It was evening and I knew the sun would soon be setting on the lake. Providing us with pretty reflections on the water.

Isn't it breath taking and so peaceful.
 Even the Red Winged Blackbird was wondering what the morning will bring with the talk of snow.

Well, we soon found out this morning when we awoke~~~~~~~

They are calling for about 12 inches. This was at 8:00am this morning and still the rest of the day to go.

 This storm is a wet snow~~~which is not good for the trees and electric/phone wires. Hoping this beauty will not turn into loosing our electric and communications.

As you can see it is already pulling down the branches on the pine trees.
We are feeding our birds~~~~and love the company that comes to the feeders!

A Winter Wonderland to be sure. If this is the only big snowfall of this season this year, we are not disappointed.

I am thinking this is a very good day, to get a good book, cup of coffee and sit in the recliner with my feet up and just enjoy the quiet .  Who knows ~~~~if the storm moves out, we may not get any more today and it would be gone by this evening.  Hope not!!!

                                                 ~Take the Time~ to enjoy your day today. Even if you do not
                                                                        have snow!!  :-)

                                                            Hugs, Eileen


  1. What a delightful post Eileen! From the beginning to the end. The way you have to stock up before a storm, and how you, being retired, have the luxury of being able to stay warm and dry inside, and enjoy the beauty that the storm has brought! The red winged blackbird is gorgeous, and the photo with the brilliant red of the cardinal against the back drop of the snow is stunning!
    Beautiful post!
    XO Kris

  2. Wow, a winter wonderland! Love the red bird picture. Actually, I love all the pictures.


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