Wednesday, October 24, 2012

~Taking the Time~ to share the Beauty of Fall.

Awww... the beauty of the Fall!  What wonders of color we see as we round the bend on a tree lined road with Fall colors.

Even the fields of  end of the season corn stalks stand out on their own in contrast to the other colors.

The Hay Bales lying in the fields awaiting the right time for the Farmers to come and use them for their cattle, have different shapes that are interesting to look at.

The fields are alive with color. They are being prepared for the winter crops.

A glance at what we see from our front yard. So many colors to enjoy.


Our back yard  also sports many Fall colors . So pretty looking out over the back deck. The colors change from day to day. Slowly the leaves are starting to fall to the ground. It will be sad when they are all gone and everything will turn brown.

Often wonder if we had the beauty of the Fall all year round if we would ever tire of all the colors, day after day.

A planter of Sedum has turned a pretty pink. So pretty to look at.

Every year we feed the birds. But when sitting in the chair the feeders have been too low to see the activity at the feeders. We can see the birds zooming down to it  but could not see them below the window. So I asked my husband if he had some left over wood to make a stand high enough that we could see the birds at the feeders.  And this is what he came up with.!  Just perfect!  The only thing is he has to climb a ladder to fill the feeders. Hope that will be possible when the snow comes.  We also have a ground feeder for the birds that like to eat from them. Of course the little chipmunks like that. One day a large Blue Jay was feeding from the ground feeder. The chipmunk had been on it, when the Blue Jay came the little guy ran under the feeder and stayed there until the Blue Jay left.
It was funny.  He did that a few times, and the last time we looked both Jay and Chipmunk were on the feeder. Guess Chip didn't want to be the one to leave his spot. :-)

Hope you have enjoyed some of  the beauty of what we love about the Fall where we live.

We enjoy each day as it does not last long. Soon the cold winds and heavy rains and snows will take away all the brightness and make way for another season.

Hope everyone has a good week. ~Take the Time~ to look around even the littlest leaf has it's own beauty.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Did you see the two orbs in the picture by your front yard and the rd? :-)

    Love, Jill

  2. Dear Eileen

    Thank you very much for bringing fall to me.

    I really enjoy very picture. I can feel the happiness that they have brought to you.

    Really enjoying fall

    1. Yes Irene, Fall is a beautiful time of the year. It is a gradual slowing down of time and what we do. Soon the leaves will be gone and the branches will be bare. The cold weather will come and we will be spending more time indoors. It is a slow down time before the Spring comes with renewed growth and activity in our lives. We are fortunate here to have the 4 seasons, each one bringing a beauty of it's own.
      I am glad that I could show some of this Fall beauty to you to enjoy.

      Have a good week,


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